Support the Sponsors to our Member Appreciation Night

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Please support the businesses that contributed to our Member Appreciation Night:

Better Bee
Blue Sky Bee Supply
Brushy Mountain Bee Farm
Conrad Hive & Honey
Dadant & Sons
Ernest Conservation Seeds
Honey Bee Healthy
Kelley Bee Keeping Company
Mann Lake Ltd
Mother Lode Products
Natives in Harmony Nursery
Nite Guard, LLC
Plastic Packaging Concepts Inc.
Queen Right Colonies
Rossman Apiaries
Fruit Strength Farm
Strong Microbials Inc
Valley Bee Supply Inc.

Annual Dinner

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COBA’s Annual Dinner is scheduled for November 15 at Der Dutchman in Plain City, OH (same location as last year).

Matt Dunham is coordinating the event, and asks you send your reservation to him so he can provide an accurate head count. Send your information (number of adults and/or children) to Matt at the following email address:

Specifics for the evening:
Date and time: Wednesday, November 15th, 6:30pm – 9:00pm (Doors at 6:00
Location: Der Dutchman Restaurant, 445 S. Jefferson Ave., Plain City, OH 43064
Cost: $12 (Children under 10 are $9)
Dinner buffet includes: choice of two meats, mashed potatoes/gravy, dressing,  noodles, creamed corn, green beans, bread, salad, beverages, and pie.


2017 Election

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Three trustee positions are up for election this year. Please consider running for a trustee position by submitting your name to one of the officers or trustees to be included in the October election.

Trustee terms expiring on 12/31/2017 are:
Jim Tippie

Kevin Kise
Will Merrill

Swarms and stuff!

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One of our members went to collect a swarm recently, and was somewhat surprised when the insects were not honeybees, but Baldfaced Hornets!

He was able to collect the hornets, and is working to dispose of them. If you’re not familiar with baldfaced hornets, they can destroy a beehive in short order!

In addition to the hornets, we are also getting to that time of year when the yellow jackets are beginning to peak. If you are doing swarms or cutouts, it pays to request a photo of the “honeybees” before you head out to collect them. It is easy to determine honeybees from yellow jackets or hornets or wasps from a photo (and saves your time and fuel!).

When asked about removing yellow jackets or hornets I advise folks to contact an exterminator as I am not trained, nor qualified, nor licensed as an exterminator and cannot legally apply agents to deal with the pests.

Will Merrill

Yellow Jacket traps

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If your hive(s) were attacked by yellow jackets last year, consider putting out yellow jacket traps NOW to capture the queens! Eliminating the queens may reduce the number of yellow jackets you see in July and August.

Here is a link to a very good yellow jacket bait, with instructions how to “build” a bottle trap for the bait:

It was given out at the Mid Ohio Valley Beekeepers conference on Saturday, Jan 28, 2017 (a worthwhile conference to attend!) Also, mark your calendar for January 27, 2018 for next year’s MOVBA conference in Parkersburg, WV.