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We have been asked to help the St Joseph Montessori School secure a $2500 “Farmer’s Insurance Thank America’s Teachers” award so they can install two bee hives at the school. The students have researched beekeeping for the past year and have applied for the award. Selection depends on votes received. Please consider helping this school by “voting early and voting often.” Good Luck St Joseph Montessori School!


Help St. Joseph Montessori School save the bees!
1. Go to
2. Search for Cathy Johanni.
3. Enter your email address to vote!
4. Check your email to confirm your vote!
5. Each person can vote daily from
June 1 – June 30!
If we get enough votes we will get a $2,500 grant to get a beehive, bees, and the full sets of bee equipment! Any Questions? Send an email to:

Beekeeping Educational Event

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The following message was received by President Rod Pritchard:
The Harrison County (Ohio) Beekeepers Association would like to invite you and your association members to attend an All-Day beekeeping seminar featuring Dr. Kirsten Traynor July 21, 2018.  The seminar will be held at The Scio U.M. Church, 117 Maple Ave., Scio,Ohio.  Cost of the event, including lunch, is $15 for pre-registration and $20 at the door.  Below is the details of the schedule and registration.  Please pass this information on to your friends and association members.
Kirsten is editor of The American Bee Journal and author of  Simple, Smart Beekeeping and Two Million Blossoms.  She operates Flickerwood Apiaries in Maryland where she produces artisanal honey, nucs and queens.  She has traveled extensively in Western Europe studying European beekeeping practices.  She has worked as a researcher at the University of Maryland in the lab of Dr. Dennis VanEnglesdorf as part of the Bee Informed Partnership team.  Prior to taking the position of editor of ABJ she served as editor of Bee World magazine published by the International Bee Research Association  We are excited to be able to host this quality event at such a reasonable cost and would be pleased to have you join us.  If you have questions or desire more information do not hesitate to contact us.
Bob Hooker


9 AM – 5 PM, July 21, 2018




Dr. Kirsten Traynor

Cost (includes lunch) $15 pre-registration  –   $20 for walk-ins

Deadline for mail in pre-registration is July 14, 2018

Space may be limited, so register early


9:00 AM       – WELCOME & INTRODUCTION  –  Mike Shepperson, HCBA Pres.

9:15 – 10:15 – THE HEATHY HIVE  –  Kirsten

10:15 – 10:30 –  BREAK

10:30 – 11:30 –  EASY QUEEN INTRODUCTION  –  Kirsten

11:30 – 12:30 –  LUNCH

12:30  –  1:30 –  WINTER PREPARATION  –  Kirsten

1:30 –   1:45 –  BREAK

1:45 –   2:45 –  HALTING THE UNSTOPPABLE SWARM  –  Kirsten

2:45 –   3:00 –  BREAK

3:00 –   4:00 –  VARROA: BIOLOGY, MANAGEMENT & CONTROL – Kirsten

4:00 –   5:00 –  IN THE APIARY – Demo & Comparison of Varroa Monitoring Techniques

(Bring your veil)


TO REGISTER: Clip the coupon or send the information below and check to: Mary Hooker, 86724 Keyser Rd., Cadiz, OH 43907,  740-945-0189

Make checks payable to Harrison County Beekeepers Association

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Interesting article!

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COBA member, Mike Montgomery, shared the following:


Dr. Meghan Milbrath of MSU sent this out last week. Similar to her excellent work on varroa management, this article is very nicely done.

Just thought you might want to be aware of it.

Update on April General Meeting

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In addition to our scholarship winners giving their presentations, listen to Joe Kovaleski share his knowledge of queen raising and other items of interest!

Newsletter articles needed!

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We are preparing a newsletter that will be sent out shortly. If you have an article of interest, please forward it to Linda Stoverock ( for inclusion in the newsletter. Hurry! Time is running out.



Ohio Queen Bee supplier

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COBA member Mike Montgomery is offering Ohio raised queens for sale.

Zadee’s Bees
Local Ohio Queens
Sunbury, OH

Updated Bee School Schedule

Due to an error, the date for the Saturday Bee School was originally listed as February 17, 2018. The actual date for the all day Saturday Bee School is February 24th, 2018.

Please download the Application form (bee school-2018-reg-2), fill it out and return it to:


2018 Bee School Registration Form

Click on the link to download the 2018 Bee School Notice and Application form:

bee school-2018-reg-2

Support the Sponsors to our Member Appreciation Night

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Please support the businesses that contributed to our Member Appreciation Night:

Better Bee
Blue Sky Bee Supply
Brushy Mountain Bee Farm
Conrad Hive & Honey
Dadant & Sons
Ernest Conservation Seeds
Honey Bee Healthy
Kelley Bee Keeping Company
Mann Lake Ltd
Mother Lode Products
Natives in Harmony Nursery
Nite Guard, LLC
Plastic Packaging Concepts Inc.
Queen Right Colonies
Rossman Apiaries
Fruit Strength Farm
Strong Microbials Inc
Valley Bee Supply Inc.

Swarms and stuff!

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One of our members went to collect a swarm recently, and was somewhat surprised when the insects were not honeybees, but Baldfaced Hornets!

He was able to collect the hornets, and is working to dispose of them. If you’re not familiar with baldfaced hornets, they can destroy a beehive in short order!

In addition to the hornets, we are also getting to that time of year when the yellow jackets are beginning to peak. If you are doing swarms or cutouts, it pays to request a photo of the “honeybees” before you head out to collect them. It is easy to determine honeybees from yellow jackets or hornets or wasps from a photo (and saves your time and fuel!).

When asked about removing yellow jackets or hornets I advise folks to contact an exterminator as I am not trained, nor qualified, nor licensed as an exterminator and cannot legally apply agents to deal with the pests.

Will Merrill

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