Volunteers Needed!

April 26, 2016 by  
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We frequently get requests for speakers to make presentations about bees and beekeeping. If you are interested, and would like to watch someone make a presentation, feel free to contact me (Will Merrill wnm0628@yahoo.com ), and we will set up an opportunity for you to “join in the fun.”

Volunteering is a good way to reinforce what you learned in Bee School, and to pass on to others your knowledge of bees and beekeeping. It is also a good way to reinforce what you’ve learned so it does not just “fade away.”



We are exploring several opportunities for beekeepers for 2017.If you are interested in placing hives in other locations than your own, please email Will Merrill (wnm0628@yahoo.com) and indicate how many hives you are willing to place, and what area you would prefer (i.e. Northern, Southern or Eastern Franklin County; a particular city, like Grove City;  Worthington, Westerville, etc.). This will be a referral service of COBA only. We will not negotiate any terms or conditions, nor will we be responsible for arbitrating any issues. We are trying to match beekeepers with land owners willing to have hives placed on their property.



Mark your calendar! If you have honey to sell, this is a good place to offer your honey to the public. It is also a good opportunity to invite other, non-beekeepers to learn about beekeeping, and the opportunity to invite folks to attend Bee School in 2018.