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We have been asked to help the St Joseph Montessori School secure a $2500 “Farmer’s Insurance Thank America’s Teachers” award so they can install two bee hives at the school. The students have researched beekeeping for the past year and have applied for the award. Selection depends on votes received. Please consider helping this school by “voting early and voting often.” Good Luck St Joseph Montessori School!


Help St. Joseph Montessori School save the bees!
1. Go to
2. Search for Cathy Johanni.
3. Enter your email address to vote!
4. Check your email to confirm your vote!
5. Each person can vote daily from
June 1 – June 30!
If we get enough votes we will get a $2,500 grant to get a beehive, bees, and the full sets of bee equipment! Any Questions? Send an email to:

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