Commitees-289x3002015 COBA Committees

Many important activities are carried out by these committees and without them COBA would not be able to serve its membership. All chairpersons will be asked to report on Committee activities and names of individuals who serve on their committee.

If you would like to serve on any one of these committees, contact the Committee chairperson to become involved.

Ad Hoc Committees

defined by: SECTION 6.2 Ad Hoc Committees–

Ad Hoc Committees will be appointed from time to time by the Board to perform a specific task. All Ad Hoc Committees will receive from the Board a set of instructions defining the scope of the Committee’s task, any limitation placed on the task and when the task is to be completed. Ad Hoc Committees may vary in size from one to any number and remain in effect until the task is completed.

Permanent Committees (In alphabetical order.)

Auditing – Chair … Sue Valentine-Cooper

The President shall appoint an Auditing Committee with the approval of the Board to audit the Associations financial records for the previous fiscal year. The audit shall also include all other assets and inventory belonging to the Association. The audit shall take place during the month of January and the certification of findings shall be submitted to the Board for approval, then posted on the membership web site.

Bee Yard Committee – Chair … 2015 Winnie Williams

The Bee Yard Committee shall be responsible for the day to day operation of the bee yard including maintaining and securing of Association materials and assets. If more than one bee yard is to be operated, the Board of Directors shall appoint a committee for each yard.

Education – Chair …. Barry Conrad (

The Education and Bee School Committee shall be responsible for setting up and the operation of the bee school. This will include finding a site for the school, providing a syllabus outlining areas covered in class, providing presenters for each section and equipment needed for the school. The committee chairman will be responsible for maintaining a membership rooster and providing the membership committee a list of all new members. Additionally, the committee shall be responsible for implementing all other educational programs under taken by COBA.

Finance Committee – Chairman …. Barry Conrad (

The Finance Committee will have at a minimum three members and the Treasurer shall be the chairperson. The Finance Committee shall be responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures, all fund raising and a budget for COBA operations. All budgets and amendments to budgets will be presented to the Board for approval.

Helping Hands Committee – Chair ….. Bill Tolliver (

The helping hands committee shall be responsible for organizing persons to help beekeepers and families who need help with their bees because of sickness or death in the family. And to send out Sympathy, Get Well, Congratulations or thinking of you cards when needed. Bill Tolliver the Co-chairman of the committee wants all members to be aware of the need to notify him if you know of a member beekeeper who needs either a card sent from COBA for a death in the family, illness, or hospitalization. The committee’s mission involves giving beekeeping help to any member who can not work his or her bees. Give Bill a call at 614-267-6556 or email him at:

Membership Committee – Chair… Kim Flippen (

The Membership Committee will have a minimum of three members and shall be chaired by the Vice-President and be responsible for all correspondence with members concerning membership matters. The Committee shall be responsible for maintaining a current membership list and a current mailing list including name, address, email and phone number. .

Newsletter Committee -Chair ….Barry Conrad (

The Newsletter Committee shall be responsible for the production, assembly and distribution of the COBA news letter.

Nominating Committee -Chair … Jim Tippie (

The Nominating Committee will have as a minimum two members and is responsible for seeking out qualified members to serve on the Board and placing the qualified member’s name, with members permission, on the ballot. Additional nominations may be taken from the floor during the annual meeting.

Program Committee – Chair ….Mike Hatter

The Program committee shall be responsible for obtaining speakers and arranging programs for meetings. These duties include responsibility for any travel arrangements, hotel and meal accommodations. The committee shall be responsible for all follow up and sending thank you letters to speakers.

Scholarship Committee – Chair … Mike Hatter (

The Scholarship Committee shall be responsible for promotion of the scholarships, collecting applications, reviewing, interviewing and selecting final candidate. Upon final selection, the Committee shall be responsible for providing equipment and signing up the winning candidates for bee school. The Committee will be responsible for monitoring, mentoring and overseeing the completion of the requirement of the scholarship recipients. COBA Youth Scholarship Application now available online [pdf]

Web site Committee – Chair ….Rod Pritchard

The Web site Committee shall consist of a Web master and be responsible for the contents, updating, maintenance, and monitoring of the Web site. The Chairperson shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board. The Chairperson, President and Treasurer shall have access to the account management log-in and password with the domain hosting company. Additionally, the Chairperson shall provide the President and Treasurer with the Web master log-in pass word for the Web site.