Thank you to the Sponsors for this year’s Member Appreciation night!

Bee CultureABC/XYZ (new edition) and 250 magazines
Betterbee$25.00 Gift Card; silver hive tool; 2 half pound bags of candy; 84 catalogs
Blue Sky Bee Supply, Ltd36 (1 box) Glass Mini Mason Jars (3 oz) w/black plastisol lined caps; 12 (1 box) Glass
Cylinder (12 oz) w/LUG lids Pink Flower & Bee design
Dadant & Sons, Inc.2 -6 month Gift Subscription to American Bee Journal; “The Classrroom” by Jerry Hayes;
Smoker, J-hook Hive Tool, 96 catalogs; 130 American Bee Journals (half July/half May)
Ernst Conservation Seeds, Inc.5 lbs seed – Honey Bee Forage Mix – red clover, white blossom sweetclover, crimson
clover, alsike clover, Dutc h White Clover, Yellow Blossom Sweetckiverm Bakabsa Clover
Groovy Plant Ranch25.00 Gift Card
Honey-B-Healthy, Inc.8 oz Honey B Healthy Original, Plus, and Amino B Booster
Mann Lake Ltd.2 blue hive tools; 2 premium bee brushes; 1 gallon feeder; pint Pro-Health; Pro DFM 100
(treats 10 hives); 1 lb Utra Bee Dry Food; 150 catalogs
Mother Lode Products8 in-hive feeders with ladders (different sizes); 20 bags of jar caps (4 per bag); Propylene
hive body (Med); literature
Natives in Harmony Nursery100.00 Gift Voucher through 9/31/2022
Nite-Guard4 sensors, Super DFM Probiotics (2 packages) and phamplets
Pierco Inc.drone comb
Queen Right Colonies8 liter honeybee dispenser (Lemonade/Ice Tea Type)
Rossman Apiaries Incorporated3 baseball caps; 3 tee shirts (XL); Catalogs