Swarm Lists

What is a Swarm ?

When honey bees leave the hive to swarm, they are generally looking for a new home. Read more about bees, swarms and why they exist in our section about bees.

Which list fits your needs? You will remove a swarm? Will you take a swarm?

If you have swarm to be removed, please contact someone on the list and make arrangements directly.

If you want to be added to the swarm list, please contact Will Merrill. Include the area you will serve, any charges or fees you will assess. Include your contact information: email and phone number.

If you are willing to take a swarm, please send me your information, and mark the subject “Take a SWARM.”

You need to be a paid COBA member to be added to the swarm list.

This swarm list is presented to the Central Ohio Area as a guide to help save the honey bees and find a new home for them. Members of COBA have agreed to collect swarms by listing their names. In some cases, it may be necessary to try several of these members because time is of the essence. Find a member in your area and contact them with information about the swarm such as how long has it been there, how high up is it, the location of the swarm and whom to contact. Check for pricing and services. We are not responsible for any errors, omissions, or problems that may arise. This listing is a service to the community.

Members that will collect a swarm.

Nina Bagley614783-7868Urban Columbus
Barb Bloetscher614-313-5946SE Columbus and Grandview
Mark Cameron740-363-8180 (H), 614-554-2286 (C), 614-459-6992 (W)Delaware County, Eastern Union County, Nrthrn Franklin County
Joyce Castorano and Frank Gattas614-878-2108 (H), 614-579-8161 (C)Franklin or Madison County
John Chadwell614-871-0163Grove City area
Barry and Carmen Conrad614-837-3899, 614-837-1846Central Ohio
Richard Danniger 614-475-2683Central Ohio
Terry Eddy614-725-8172Franklin, Delaware and Licking Counties. No charge for swarm collection.
Pete and Nancy Ferron614-638-7233 (Pete cell), 614-439-3976 (Nancy cell)Blacklick, Gahanna, New Albany, Pataskala, Reynoldsburg
John Fleming614-527-4649Hilliard and Dublin
John Gesner614-296-4014North and Northeast Franklin County
Audrey Glick614-888-0459 (H), 614-657-1459 (C)Central Ohio - no cutouts.
Lyle Goldsmith614-875-7811Grove City and Southern Franklin County
Jerry Hinton614-506-4523Grove City, Ashville and Circleville
Denise Johnson614-459-1229 (H), 614-632-5399 (C)Upper Arlington, Hilliard, Dublin and within 20 miles of Columbus
Don Jones740-802-5653Marion   County
Andrea Lavelle614-561-6071Central Ohio
Will Merrill614-226-8219   (C), 614-262-8219   (H)Central Ohio, within 75 miles of Columbus. Cutouts or swarms. No charge for swarm collection.
Steve Morbitzer614-878-1308, 614-753-5463 (C) Franklin, Madison, Pickaway
Scott Newhouse614-875-5326, 614-296-5459 (C)Grove City and Central Ohio
Linda Overman614-561-1744Westside of Columbus to London
Teresa Parker614-832-0769, 614-866-1797 Blacklick, Gahanna, New Albany
Larry Potter614-865-2161, 614-946-0456Westerville to Reynoldsburg, Genoa Twp to Delaware
Dru and Rod Pritchard614-878-7873West and SW Franklin Cty
Shawn Rinehart and Kim Flippen614-492-0229, 614-572-4023Fairfield,   Franklin, Pickaway
Earl Shaffer614-853-9983West side of Columbus, Western Franklin, Northen Pickaway and Madison counties
Mary Seufert614-634-8471Swarms only, inside I-270
Dan and Shelia Theisen740-816-0261Delaware and surrounding area
Jim Tippie614-582-0523Gahanna
William Tolliver614-620-6556   (C), 614-267-6556   (H)Central Columbus
Susan Valentine-Cooper614-596-3600Central Ohio – Swarms and cutouts
Dan and Mary Wampler740-654-4045, 740-407-092Fairfield County
Erik Warren614 354-4621Central Ohio
John Weaver614-208-3634Franklin County; cutouts for a fee
Mark Williams614-397-8386Central Ohio

Members that will take a swarm.

Doug and Stephanie Allgood614-851-6075Central Ohio
Joyce Castorano and Frank Gattas614-878-2108 (H), 614-579-8161 (C)Franklin or Madison County
Andrew Clarke614-599-5157Central Ohio
Chris Cree614-832-0047Franklin
Terry Eddy614-725-8172Franklin, Delaware and Licking Counties
Nancy and Peter Ferron(614) 638-7233 (Pete cell), (614) 439-3976 (Nancy cell)Blacklick, Gahanna, New Albany, Pataskala, Reynoldsburg
Audrey Glick614-888-0459 H, 614-657-1459 CCentral Ohio area. No charge for swarms.
Lynn Haun614-271-7005Galena
Denise Johnson614-459-1229 (H), 614-632-5399 (C )Central Ohio
Donald Jones740-802-5653Marion   County
Richard Korn614-268-9087Central Ohio
Will Merrill614-226-8219 (C), 614-262-8219 (H)Central Ohio
Teresa Parker614-832-0769, 614-866-1797Blacklick, Gahanna, New Albany
Larry Potter614-865-2161, 614-946-0456Central Ohio
Shawn Rinehart614-492-0229Groveport and SE
Mary Seufert614-634-8471Columbus
Jim Tippie614-582-0523Central Ohio
William Tolliver614-620-6556, 614-267-6556Central Columbus