Time passes and situations change.  We now have a need for some people to volunteer to fill a few positions that have become vacant. These volunteer positions are for First Year Bee Yard mentors.

Lawn Mowing – we need at least one person as the primary person for mowing weekly before we meet.  A day previous to our gathering is great/fine.

Mite Czar – we need at least 2 people.  the Job is to check a hive each week for a mite count, if needed treat with Mite Away Quick strip.  The following week for that hive would be to remove the strips and recheck for effectiveness.  Then check another hive to see how it is doing.  MAQS is provided as well as Nitrile gloves.

Summer Guardians – We have 2 people participating in caring for the garden hives.  Would anyone else like to participate?  If you cannot be at the Bee Yard on our regular meeting night (usually Wednesday), you may work/check the hive/s another day of the week or weekend.

Contact Winnie Williams if interested in volunteering!

Winnie Williams

Winnie Williams

Queen Bee of the First Year Bee Yard