February 16th 2022 – General Meeting

Venue: Franklin Park Conservatory
Attendance: Unknown number of people in attendance at Franklin and 23 people attending on-line through zoom
1) Meeting chaired by Med Lutmerding: opened 7pm
2) Med stated that Will was at the first class of the New Beekeeper class. Reminded members that there are still openings for the 2 Saturday classes if members know of anyone wishing to become a beekeeper.
3) Claudia Khourey-Bowers reported on the Easton apiary. Apiary started by Mike Hatter & Med Lutmerding with her and Bob Bowers assisting. There were 6 hives in the fall. The hives were all prepared for winter and Easton provided a very nice wind block. On the last visit, on Feb. 1st, they saw bees flying on all but 1 hive. Upon inspection of that hive, they found it was taken over by mice even though the mouse guard was in place. Since the hive was not real strong in the fall, it is suspected that the mice were moving in at that time and present before the guard was put in place.

Mike Hatter said that due to weather, the upcoming Saturday class at Easton will have to be cancelled on oxalic acid vapor treatment. The schedule for classes at Easton was in the February issue of Smoker Signals. Volunteers are welcome to join the team at Easton.

4) Winnie Williams provided an update on the First Year Bee Yard. OSU is requiring people should mask, therefore masks will be required at the Bee Yard. She is still in need of more mentors. Only 1 year of experience is needed. The schedule of events for the bee yard are in both the January & February issues of Smoker Signals. There will be 5 hives at the bee yard. There will be more plastic frame foundations. All COBA members are encouraged to participate. Bring pictures of things that you might have questions about your own hives.

5) Penelope Mishne updated everyone on the Youth Scholarships. Three scholarships were awarded to 4 youth (2 being siblings).

6) Med reminded everyone that Tri-county Beekeepers Association is holding their seminar on March 5th. Registration is available on their website.

7) Barb Bloetscher, State Entomologist presented on Small Hive Beetles. (meeting not recorded).

8) Med shared that Denise Ellsworth will be the presenter for the March meeting on phenology.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.

January 18th 2022 – General Meeting

Venue: Wells Barn, Franklin Park Conservatory
Attendance: 25 people in attendance and 15 people attending on-line through zoom
1) 6:53 – meeting opened by COBA President, Will Merrill
2) Keynote zoom presentation: Dana Stahlman, “Winter Inspection and what are the bees doing”.
  a. Newsletter address:
  b. Zoom presentation archived on COBA website
3) During the presentation 5 potential scholarship candidates were interviewed.
4) Easton update – Med Lutmerding – Currently 6 hives and looking to add 2-3 more.
Meeting came to an end around 8:00

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