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Ohio Queen Bee supplier

COBA member Mike Montgomery is offering Ohio raised queens for sale. Zadee’s... 

Updated Bee School Schedule

Due to an error, the date for the Saturday Bee School was originally listed as February... 

2018 Bee School Registration Form

Click on the link to download the 2018 Bee School Notice and Application form: bee... 

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Volunteering Opportunities


We frequently get requests for speakers to make presentations about bees and beekeeping.... 

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Current Events

Swarms and stuff!

One of our members went to collect a swarm recently, and was somewhat surprised when the insects were not honeybees, but Baldfaced Hornets! He was able to collect the hornets, and is working to dispose of them. If you’re not familiar with baldfaced hornets, they can destroy a beehive in short order! In addition to the hornets, we are also getting... [Read more of this review]

Bee Study on Neonicotinoids

Attached is a link to the latest study on neonics.  Read More →


We recently heard from both Kent Williams and Dan O’Hanlon about the benefit of buying nucs to start beekeeping with. The greatest advantage in their option is that you are getting and established hive. But exactly what is a nuc. I’ve always been taught that a nuc is a five frames of bees and brood with an established laying queen. These... [Read more of this review]

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