Yellow Jacket traps

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If your hive(s) were attacked by yellow jackets last year, consider putting out yellow jacket traps NOW to capture the queens! Eliminating the queens may reduce the number of yellow jackets you see in July and August.

Here is a link to a very good yellow jacket bait, with instructions how to “build” a bottle trap for the bait:

It was given out at the Mid Ohio Valley Beekeepers conference on Saturday, Jan 28, 2017 (a worthwhile conference to attend!) Also, mark your calendar for January 27, 2018 for next year’s MOVBA conference in Parkersburg, WV.



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Jamie Ellis presented at the Ohio State Beekeepers Association meeting in Plain City on Saturday, November 5. At the meeting Jamie announced that, contrary to popular belief, the varroa mites do not suck the bee’s “blood”. Rather, they bite the bee and eat the soft tissue at the bite site. This allows infection and other parasites to do their work.

If you were unable to attend the conference, you missed a valuable learning opportunity!

Also, OSBA is offering scholarships to 4-H students interested in beekeeping. Deadline to apply is November 21st. Check out the OSBA website for information (

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